Vector tech and general applications

We develop and use AAV viral vectors for a wide variety of applications, i.e. for expression of Parkinson´s disease related proteins and genetically encoded sensors (e.g. for quantification of levels of calcium, ATP, ROS, cAMP etc.), both in cultured neurons and in the rodent brain. Expression of proteins or regulatory RNAs can be targeted to specific cell types or to specific sub-cellular organelles. The AAV toolkit offers extraordinary efficacy, safety and flexibility, in basic science but also in development of gene therapy.

Examples of AAV vector applications routinely used in the lab

  • A) Concomitant expression of cytoplasmic Ca2+ sensor GCaMP3.5 (green) and mitochondrial Ca2+ sensor RCaMP1e (red) in cultured neurons. Both sensors expressed by AAV-6 vectors under hSyn promoter.
  • B) Mutually exclusive transduction of neurons (AAV-6-hSyn-Cherry, red) and astrocytes (AAV-5-GFAP-EGFP) in mouse cortical layer V.
  • C) Neurodegeneration of nigral dopaminergic neurons after transduction with AAV-2 vectors expressing synuclein proteins (TH immunohistochemistry).
  • D) Imaging of living neurons in mouse brain by 2-photon microscopy through a cranial window.